2x4 days photography trips

The Dolomites are an impressive mountain area in Italy. I did already two photography trips there with friends and I'm just waiting for the opportunity to get there again and again.

I shot the video above during our first trip in the Dolomites. It's been a challenge to take both video clips and photos but I'm happy to have such a great souvenir in the end. It really is the landscape photographer paradize.

The Discovery

Our first trip to the Dolomites

This lake is just unreal. We were such in awe.
There wasn't any wind whatsoever, hence the impressive reflections.

The landscape is such diverse, with unreal lakes and impressive mountains that I wished to stay there forever and take photographs.

I took this photo after the previous one during the blue hour.

We've seen incredible reflections on both the Lago di Braies and Carezza lakes.

We actually spent hours waiting for the best light to shoot the now famous church below.

It was also really fun to shot pictures and video clips with the drone there.

Fun story, I took this shot from the bacony of our appartment. It was a rainy day so it was difficult to get good light. In the end I'm quite happy with the result.

Second Round

Obviously we went there again.

This most epic moutain landscape I've ever seen.

Hard to describe how I felt in front of this. It was like a demonstration of Mother Nature's power.

This was the other side.

We were two for this second trip. I teamed up with Joachim.

We woke up early in the morning to get to Seceda.

Seceda was another impressive mountain chain.

Same mountain chain but on the side captured with the drone.
The kind of landscape that puts a big smile on your face when you're flying.

We stumbled upon those kind of landscape totally randomly.
That's the best part of the Dolomites.

Same for this picture.
We were driven around and had to stop to take a picture of this beautiful light.

We made new friends too ;-)

And more human ones.

Even though we were there in the off-season, it was sometimes a bit crowded.

It wasn't on purpose but our first trip was more focused on lake and the second one on mountains. This was the only lake we had the opportunity to photograph.

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