West Coast


3 weeks roadtrip

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, the Highway One, Seattle, Portland... Each one of those names is a legend.

We spent three weeks in a roadtrip from Seattle to Los Angeles.

Seattle & Portland

We started with Seattle and Portland. We didn't have any expectations or bias so we enjoyed everythings on the moment.

We were pleasantly surprized by the wilderness.

As Europeans, we rarely have the luxury to enjoy a beach alone.

We flew over the Columbia River in the Oregon State in an old little plane.

One of the best moment in our trip.

We didn't expect such variety in coffee and beers. As Belgians, we had to try them all!

San Francisco

Our first city in California

I'm techie working in a startup. For me San Francisco means startups. I don't know why but I was expecting kind of a futuristic city.

The city has a charm for sure. But we were expecting flying cars, people wearing exoskeleton and delivery drones.

Well. We were brought back to reality very quickly! And we bought a windbreaker instead.

Those guys are always funny to watch.

The mandatory Golden Gate Bridge pictures.

The best parts were the sunsets. We didn't miss one.

The last day, we decided to take a break from the wind and went to Stanford.

Highway One

The Iconic Road

Like perfect tourists, we rented a Mustang for the roadtrip.

I was so excited to meet the Bixby Creek Bridge.

There is definitely something special with the light in California.

Again, really surprized by the wilderness on the road. Those guys were relaxing next to the Highway One.

It's actually quite impressive when they fight with each other.

Seems like they are also quick to forgive!

Los Angeles

It's.. huge?

We had a great time there. The fact that the weather is always the same is a gift as a tourist. You don't have to think about what the wear.

Venice Beach was our favorite place. There is something special in the atmosphere.

This roadtrip was a great experience. Next time we'll most probably try to visit the National Parks of California.

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